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Personalised Beauty

Dynamically interpret multiple facial features and expressions in real-time to provide consumers with personalised recommendations based on their unique attributes. The Enhanced Reality Engine™ registers 194 data points on the face, so brands can now intelligently understand how people react to their products while simultaneously ingesting relevant insights to inform future projects.

Product Visualisation

Simulate real world beauty product try-ons by overlaying colour correct visuals for hair, face, and nails. The visualisation adapts to a consumer’s specific characteristics, regardless of positioning or lighting conditions. The Enhanced Reality Engine™ also reads and catalogues facial expressions, allowing brands to recommend new products based on a consumer’s attributes as well as their preference.

Connected Commerce

Integrate our technology into your existing commerce channels to gain deeper consumer insights and drive sales as your audience moves from trial to purchase. The digital experience culminates with an intuitive and ‘one swipe’ check-out process, and our proprietary recommendation engine automatically positions related products at check-out to sway to impulse buyers.

Interactive Education

Leverage our interactive computer vision and video-based tutorials to train consumers how to maximise a full assortment of hair and beauty products. Remain connected and continue to build loyalty with your consumers after they make a purchase.

Every Device Matters

We’re platform agnostic, guaranteeing that your audience can access your brand’s captivating beauty experience on any device at any time. Built from the ground up, our proprietary Enhanced Reality Engine™ offers the most scalable and performant solution on the market. Our technology runs on over 4 billion devices - in-app and on the web - and is compatible on both current and older Apple, Amazon, and Google operating systems.


A Disruptional Company with bases in both the UK and US, Beauty Labs is an independent, employee-owned technology company that’s pioneering the future of enhanced reality in beauty and wellness. Consumer expectations are rapidly changing and they are looking for brands and products that understand ‘who’ they are and ‘what’ they stand for in a personalised and interactive way. In our enhanced reality experiences, we put the customer first, embracing their sense of immediacy, leveraging the familiar, and keeping interactive moments short and assistive.

Our drive to innovate is what gets us up in the morning. We actively seek out new challenges to see how far we can push the industry with our immersive and intelligent solutions. Our computer vision and iOT technologies can not only be customised to power experiences for Beauty, but also other industries like Real Estate, Advertising, CPG, Retail, and more.

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